Redemptive Imagination

Religion puts us in a box.  It really does!  Think about it.  We even build boxes to conduct our religious activities.  We call them church buildings.  Now before I go any further, there is nothing wrong with having a church building.  However, when the building becomes an end of itself we have aproblem.

What we really need to do is get out of the box.  This morning in my reading I was convicted.  I’m reading through Detox for the Overly Religious devotionally.  I know its kind of weird when you read your own book devotionally, but I’m kind of weird.  Anyway…I was reading a chapter devotionally about loving our enemies.  It took me to a special place and time in my life where and when I learned a great lesson.  I also ran into a thought that I had tucked away.  It was a small reference to Martin Luther King, Jr.about a concept he called “Redemptive goodwill”.  This thought arrested me this morning.  I was reminded of something very important to my existence.  God didn’t put me here for myself, but for the good of others.

I’m at a crossroads in my life where over the next few months and year I will make a determination about what I’m going to do with my life when

I grow up.  Am I going to be a preacher, speaker, author, activist, missionary, a little of all of the above, or what.  This morning God reminded me that whatever I do it’s not about me.  That’s where this redemptive goodwill comes in or what others call a redemptive imagination.

A redemptive imagination is about going all in.  How can I leverage my life for his kingdom?  What need could God meet through me?  What dream could God make happen through me.  What could he do with my life to make his name resound with good news?

For now I’m going to resist the temptation to put my response to these and other questions in a box.  Its time to dream.  Its time to imagine. Its time to think about the hurts, pains, and needs of others.  Its time to ponder what God could do through me if I only believed.

Go ahead and dream!


2 responses to “Redemptive Imagination

  1. I love this.
    I love where you are going and thanks for taking me with you.
    Very exciting.

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