I’m Convinced We Need Detoxing More Than Ever!

I did a radio show yesterday.  The guy who interviewed ME was a Christian celebrity out of Detroit.  His focus seemed to be predominately on social action.  He was a delightful and gracious host.  However, I don’t think we started on the same page.  He seemed a little irritated by my book title Detox for the Overly Religious.  At the same time he may have just been playing the part of the host.  I’m not sure what he expected from me, but late in the show he made a comment about me being “meek and mild”.  He said something like, “You’ve written this book DETOX for the OVERLYRELIGIOUS.  You talk about things like STOP PRAYING…START GOING, but at the same time you seem so meek and mild.  Help me understand the context in which you wrote this.”  My response very simply, “Jesus tells us to go.  Why do we keep praying about what he’s already told us?”

My point is Jesus didn’t come to start a religion.  He came because religion always fails.  Jesus came to show us a whole new way.  Jesus came to show us a way of life that is about living like him, loving like him, and leaving what he left behind (others who live and love like him).  He invites us into a relationship by inviting us to follow.  He is the leader and I am the follower.  He has an agenda.  Its call his kingdom.  He tells us his kingdom is coming on earth as it is in heaven.  He tells us in order to participate in his kingdom we must hear, see, and understand.  We often don’t.  Ultimately we must obey him.  Obedience is the difference between following and not following.

When we follow him it is he who lives in and through us.  When we lead the way it becomes all about religion again.  Whenever our motivation for following him is anything other then obedience to following him it becomes religion again.  Jesus invites us into a whole new way.  Following him requires repenting, rethinking, relooking, reliving, etc.  On our own we miss it.  We need Jesus to show us his way.  It’s not what we think it is.



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