Finance the Mission

I promised to post a start up budget during my pre-session at Velocity.  If you have unlimited cash, or great at raising large amounts of money, or going to launch large here is a pre and post launch budget.  Don’t get depressed I planted my first church with $6000.00 and it runs over 3000 in weekend attendance now.  I’m going to work on one that I would call bare bones over the next few days.  I will let you know when its up.  Use this as a guide.  Check it out below!

One of the primary responsibilities of a church planter is to finance the mission.  It is your responsibility!  The vision you write you must underwrite.  You may be asking, “What will I need?”  I often divide what I need into dollarsthree categories:  salary support, start-up cost, and operational cost.

I’m including three attachments that have these cost broken down.  This was put together by our Church Planting Resident Will Henderson.  Check out Will at Will is an Aussie who will be returning to plant his church in a few months.  He is doing an incredible job of preparing.  Thanks to him for the detail work on the budget and his willingness to share it with other fellow church planters.

Follow the links to PDFs of budget and stay turn for further updates as things develop.  We would love to get your feedback and input.

Ex Summary of Budget

Pre-Launch Budget

Post-Launch Budget


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