Velocity 2010 RECAP

Where do you begin?  Velocity was absolutely amazing.  I have so much to sort through in my heart and mind.  He was so loud I simply didn’t have the capacity to process it all.  So here we go…

  1. – Starting March 1 @ 1 pm all the main session of Velocity will be broadcasted.  Following the broadcast they will available for free at  I’m can’t wait to watch each one and process what God was saying. I need to do a lot oflistening.
  2. Rick Warren – Rick is an amazing guy who spoke about humility and integrity.  His message was the message of the hour or hour-and-a-half for pastor’s and leaders in the church.  Every pastor and ministry leader in the world needs to listen to it.  We will proudly host it.  Spread the word.
  3. Velocity Speakers – While I singled out Rick, all the speakers at Velocity were amazing.  Within a few weeks we will begin releasing all of the audio from the breakout sessions for free through  We are committed to becoming major thought providers for church planters for a price you can afford. FREE!
  4. Velocity Partners – We could not do what we do without the many partners that share our passion for resourcing church planters and ministry leaders.  A major thanks and appreciation for you helping us carry the ball down the field.
  5. Mountain Lake Ministry Team – I’ve had the honor and privilege of a life working alongside Shawn Lovejoy and rest of the team at Mountain Lake Church.  This is an amazing team that makes huge sacrifices to care for the spiritual needs of many.  Yea Team!  You hosted another amazing year.
  6. Mountain Lake’s Volunteers – You had to be here!  We have incredible volunteers that took vacation time, worked crazy hours, postponed interviews and business deals to serve until they dropped.  Why?  Because they love Jesus!  May God bless you for your faithful service in his kingdom!
  7. Worship Team – Thanks to an amazing worship team that Todd Nichols assembled.  I wouldn’t have expected anything else.  Anthony Evans was a real gift to our conference.  We were all blessed by you guys.
  8. Jenny Rodder – Jenny has served for the past year as our Strategic Director for  She did an amazing job administrating the conference…a job I wouldn’t wish on anyone.  Thanks Jenny for an incredible conference and an incredible year of service.
  9. Church Planters – Thanks guys for paying the price.  Keep planting the gospel!
  10. My Family – I love my girls.  Tami (my wife of 30 years), Amanda (my 23-year-old daughter), and Kristina (my new daughter-in-law) were all there working supporting, and soaking it in.
  11. My Boys – I miss my boys this year.  They were all away fighting the War on Terror in order that others throughout the world might enjoy religious freedoms.  Dave my son is in his 7th month of a 12 month deployment in Afghanistan and Orie my daughter’s to-be-hubby is headed home in about two months after a long year in Helmand.  I can’t wait to have you around at next’s years conference.

I’m sure I missed something or someone really obvious…It’s the morning after the conference. Together we do all this for the one who is King…Jesus our Lord!


One response to “Velocity 2010 RECAP

  1. Thank you Mountain Lake for giving us a glimpse of what Heaven will look like!
    We were challenged in all areas and yes, thanks, I needed it.
    May God continue to bless your wonderful ministry to His people.

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