Discipleship and the Church

Check out these two videos.  Ed Stetzer my co-authored  for Breaking the Missional Code brings a message during Verge that  every church and pastor should listen to.


One response to “Discipleship and the Church

  1. Thanks for posting these videos David. I thought Ed had some good things to say. The thing he said that had the most traction with my comment from the previous post was in regard to codependency and enabling. What I’m suggesting is that nearly always in our Western context, building bigger buildings and adding more space is a primary means of enabling the sort of Christian identity, both for pastors and parishioners, that Ed is railing against.

    This is why, when I read something like, “they need to expand their space somehow if they are going to sustain momentum” I get uneasy.

    It seems like the more appropriate advice to give to church leaders who want to sustain or create momentum would be to advise them to focus so much on raising up disciples that they can actually develop a plan for the multiplication of communities as opposed to addition of space.

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