Nurture Vitality

This week I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Orlando at the Exponential Conference.  Shawn Lovejoy and I taught on our Best Practices of Church Planters.  These are Best Practices we see lived out in the best church planting leaders around the country.  We have also tried to model these practices in our lives.  I must confess that I struggle when it comes to nurturing vitality.  I am a recovering workaholic.  Not to make light of my own sin, but I have found that many of us who are in ministry are.  This week has been a great reminder of how I tend to backslide when it comes to this every important practice of nurturing vitality.  My propensity for workaholism impacts every area of my life in a negative way when not in check.  Here are some of my new goals related to nurturing vitality.

1.  Relational – I’m going to focus on shutting down in the evenings by leaving my Mac off and pay more attention to Tami (wife) and the things that are important to her.  I hope she doesn’t read this.

2.  Physical – I’m going to get some type of physical exercise at least four times a week and address some of my not so healthy habits.

3.  Emotional – I’m going to ride my motorcycle more, take a trip to Nashville in June, go to Mojitos at least once a month, and take in a few Brave games.  That was easy.

4.  Spiritual – practice slowing a little in order that my time re-centering doesn’t get pushed to the edges and beyond.  Following Jesus requires intimacy or we don’t see, hear, or understand him and what he is up to.  

This is what I’m talking about a little down time with my friends at The CABIN!  Where am I?  I’m the one taking the picture.  I told you I was a workaholic somebody had to be doing something.


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