Stop Praying…Start Going

Following Jesus changes the way you pray.  Instead of praying for stuff and things to happen I find myself praying for each morning for Jesus to show me his way.  When I see him at work or when I see circumstances or situations in this world that I can affect change in, that’s the answer to my prayers.  It’s now time to stop praying and start going.

Perhaps you are praying a similar prayer and are looking to see where the Father is at work.  Maybe as a part of your journey he has led you to my ramblings.  If so, stop praying and start going.  Here are a three incredible opportunities I would like to invite you to consider.

1.  Seven Church Tour. I know of no other place in the world where the Gospel is having more impact than Iran.  Literally history is being changed as we speak.  Discover what God is doing in that region of the country and how you can partner by joining me, my co-author friend Ed Stetzer, and our friends at Upstream Collective Larry McCrary and Caleb Crider in our upcoming Seven Church Tour, September 16-25, 2010.  This exciting tour will consist of teaching and training lead by Ed Stetzer and myself, exposure to ministries in that part of the country and beyond, networking among pastors, and return home with a clear plan and commitment to change the world.

2.  Start an orphanage in Haiti. The needs in Haiti are overwhelming.  Recently while there I sensed through a friend that God was calling me to help those who can’t help themselves.  As we visited an orphanage I was overwhelmed.  Silently tears ran down both of my cheeks.  In Haiti I stayed with a wonderful Haitian family and just recently learned of their desire to be part of starting a new Haitian Orphanage.  This was my answer to prayer.  We are praying and having discussions now about what that will look like.  I’m praying that God would lay on the hearts of 5 to 10 individuals a burden to join me by serving on a non-profit board and making a commitment of $10,000 per year to support this effort.  I praying that others would adopt a child.  It cost about $5 a day to feed and take care of a Haitian Orphanage.  If God continues to allow us to move forward I will establish the stateside of this non-profit under Spend Less! Do More! If you are interested let me know.  I would love to chat with you.

3.  Rebuild STEP Seminary in Haiti. Currently through we are putting together a group of churches that would commit tohelping us rebuild STEP Seminary.  STEP is the largest evangelical seminary in Haiti with over 1200 graduates and with a network of about 600 Haitian churches.  Our goal is to build a network of 10 or more US churches that will commit to taking an existing building and turning it into classrooms so they can resume classes.  Through STEPs larger network we hope to launch community develop projects where the focus will be on empowering the Haitian church to rebuild Haiti.  We currently have trips schedule for June 25th—July 1st , August 13-19, September 24-30, October 15-21, November 20-26, and December 26-Jan 1.

To participate in any of these opportunities e-mail me at


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