Religious Detox – We Could All Use One!

By the way Religious Detox isn’t a drink!

The other night I had the opportunity to speak to a group of fiction writers.  I had a wonderful time and who knows I may try my hand at fiction.  This group was very gracious and I was amazed at how many people knew a lot about what was happening in my life through my books, blogs, and nasty rumors (just kidding).

It was a great reminder of my need to be a good steward of what I say or don’t say.  For me, this most often take the form of what I don’t say.  My point is simply this, I’m going to take time to do more blogging or at least make sure the things I am saying and writing find their way in one form or the other on my blog.

I also realize that my book Detox for the Overly Religious is an important book.  People need to read it.  Many people who are have experienced life change.  At least that’s what they are telling me.  Who knows I may even read it again.  Just a few months after writing it and more importantly going through the entire process I could use a little religious detoxing.

Having said this at least once a week I’m going to post something from Detox for you to ponder.  So let’s get ready to detox.  Here are some thoughts from an earlier version of my draft.

I want to invite you on a journey. Over the past few years I have been rediscovering the simplicity of Jesus and his ways. I began this journey when I was writing Breaking the Discipleship Code, and I didn’t anticipate breaking the code for myself while I was writing, but I did. I am now more convinced then ever that we all have to break the code for ourselves. While the process we go through for breaking the code is unique for each one of us, it all leads us to the same place. Or in this case, the same person: Jesus.

As I began this journey, I heard an ever-so-slight knocking at my heart’s door. Over time it became louder and louder until I couldn’t deny it. This acceptance was followed by the reality that it was Jesus, knocking at the door of my life seeking to gain reentry. The amazing thing was I didn’t know he was outside my life. However, over time, Jesus had gently been nudged out of my life and replaced with religion. Somehow, I had to learn to own Jesus’ words, “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.”[i]

Breaking the code for myself has had a domino affect in my life. Domino after domino of previous religious thought and understanding has fallen. A whole new way of life has emerged. I am in process of finding my way, but more importantly finding Jesus and joining his way. This is the journey I invite you to join me in.

[i] Revelation 3:20


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