Next Chapter

I’m writing again.  No, I’m not talking about writing blogs.  I’m writing my next book.  I don’t have a name.  I don’t have an outline.  I’m just writing  I did put together a book proposal for my publisher I’ve just never sent it in.  This proposal was on following Jesus.  It hit me the other day If I’m going to write a book on following Jesus then why not simply write on what it looks like for me to follow.

I wrote four chapters this week.  Today I wrote a chapter on a painful place I find myself.  I simply trying to be truthful about my thoughts, feelings, actions, attitudes, and experiences.  Imagine for a moment a book that pulls no punches, holds nothing back, openly confesses sins, talks about the dark side of life and faith in the context of grace.  That’s what I’m doing.

The challenge is going to be not to edit out the real stuff and replace it with some almost real stuff.

If nothing else I’m sure this book will help me experience healing and growth alone my journey.  Maybe I will write it for my children and grandchildren.


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