You Might be too religious if…

Let’s have some fun.  After all, us religious types are way to serious.  You might be too religious if…

  • You keep a small New Testament in your toolbox. Years ago I really had one in my toolbox.
  • You think I should still have it in my toolbox.
  • You take your suit and tie on your beach vacation so you can attend a local church.
  • You think those who didn’t go back to church on your beach vacation for the evening service are going to hell or at least backslidden. This actually happened.
  • You wear a suit and tie to church period.
  • You think I am going to hell because I don’t wear a suit and tie.
  • You have a bumper stick on your 69 VW that reads, “Hallelujah, What  A Savior!  He’s coming!  Are you ready?” I loved that car.

What about your overly religious moments?  Take a moment to laugh at yourself others…already have!


2 responses to “You Might be too religious if…

  1. You think Neil Diamond is the anti-Christ because he wrote the song ‘I’m a Believer’ and it had nothing to do with God. And don’t even ask about The Monkees or Smashmouth who sang it too!

    You know & can pronounce every person’s name in the Bible, but have no idea who anyone is in your neighborhood.

    OK, one more….You’re ok with sending money to Africa, but those people down the street just need to get a job!

  2. You think that a growing church must be watering down the gospel.

    You judge others…period.

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