Recap….so much for twitter!

The last few days have been really busy doing things and spending time with people I really love.

Monday I drove to SC where I spent the evening with my parents.  Whenever I go home my dad always cooks me a steak and treats me like a king.  He’s been doing this since he welcomed me home as a prodigal over 30 years ago.

On Tuesday I made my way to Conway, SC where I spent a day working with Kevin Child’s Pastor of The Rock, a church he planted five years ago and has over 500 people attending every weekend in a high school.  They love people who need a new story and are seeing tons of people have the gospel rewrite their lives.

Left Conway and made my way to Fayetteville, NC where I meet up with my son where he’s stationed as part of the 82nd Airborne.  Dave is getting out in the next couple of months and just returned in the last 30 or so days from 10 months in Afghanistan.  We had an awesome meal at Carrabba and he paid.  It was awesome and I returned the favor the next morning at the Waffle House (well sort of).  You tell me who got the best end of that deal.

I was back home today (Wednesday).  Had an awesome hike up a Mountain just a few miles from our house with my best friend and wife Tami.

Tomorrow I have a live interview on my book, Detox for the Overly Religious with Char Binkley of WBCL Radio.   Join us at tomorrow July 15, 2010 at 9:05AM to catch us live (

On Friday I get to hang out with the guys at ARC talking about how to help young fast growing churches maximize their spiritual impact.  I can’t wait to hang out with Billy Hornsby and his awesome team.  Then back home to hang out with friends and family.

Thanks Lord!


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