Uganda Update

One mother’s newborn will live for another day or perhaps week with the sugar, and grain we gave her. For another mother, we didn’t make it in time.  They buried her baby that morning.  They said she died of natural causes.  When is starvation a natural cause?

For the past week I have been traveling all over Uganda visiting various Compassion International’s projects.  Please take a moment to visit theirwebsite and consider how you might get involved.

Here is my first attempt at an update.

  • My luggage didn’t arrive until the last day of our trip.  This meant I wore the same thing over and over again.  I literally survived on one pair of briefs, a pair of sleep shorts that doubled as boxers, two shirts, one pair of pants, and three pair of socks (two pair were gifts from teammates).  I discovered I can live on a lot less.  When my bags finally came I was disgusted at myself over all my stuff.  I will never pack the same again.
  • Compassion International is an amazing ministry that makes a difference in the world.  Every where we went in Uganda and Kenya we asked the people we met if they had heard of Compassion.  They all had.  Every one of them knew someone or were sponsored as a child.  All of them were impacted.  I’m not kidding.  I have never seen a single ministry that is having so much LIFE GIVING and LIFE CHANGING impact.  Compassion is the real deal.
  • Peter our host was a street kid that grew up in the streets of Uganda.  He was taken in my  family, sponsored by Compassion, and now he works tirelessly as an advocate for children all over the world through compassion.  Peter is one of many Compassion children who are making a difference.  I hope of have him and compassion at our conference.
  • The churches of Uganda or alive and well.  Every where we went the church was the difference maker.  It’s amazing what happens when social programs are not assessable and the church lives up to its name “Body of Christ”.  One rural church planters had raised up 21 pastors who had planted 21 other churches.  In another church where we worship they had an altar call where two elders prayed over me.  Every church we went to entire Muslim families are finding Jesus.
  • The people of Uganda are so incredible loving and giving.  One lady gave us a bag of stuff she had grown, it was here only source of income.  I knew we were in trouble when they went and got their pig.  They kept the pig.
  • Compassion is more then about sponsoring children.  Compassion has an incredible strategy that begins with Child Survival, Sponsorship, and then Leadership Development.  Compassion touches a child for his entire life.  We meet some of the most impressive, spirit-filled young people who are changing Uganda’s history.
  • I met some incredible people from the US Church.  I traveled with 25 other people from churches all over the US.  We came for all over the US and served all kinds of churches.  At the same time make no mistake we were and are the “Body of Christ”.
  • I’m all jacked up!  When I resigned my church ministry position I felt God calling me to follow him.  This following thing is overwhelming.  I know that I’m to help those who can’t help themselves.  Compassion is certainly part of that picture.

Finally, when you see me just ignore me.  It will take me a while to detox from my experiences.  I’m sure I will be a bit difficult to deal with.

I will continue to post on thoughts and reflections from my trip.

One thing I know, Jesus is LORD!


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