I Am a Man Most Blessed!

I’m so grateful that God is a God of infinite chances and grace!  Over the past week I have had opportunities to experience so much life.

  • I spoke at Lifesong Church on my latest book, Detox for the Overly Religious.
  • Met some amazing guys who are architects and builders who love the church.
  • I help my friend Dean Herman at 5 Point Church as they consider a bold move for God.  A special thanks to Steve Head of Christian Brother, Inc and Ron Cochran of Wave who went on this journey with me. Thanks for loving new churches and loving me.
  • Celebrated my 51 birthday at a Falcon’s Game.  They lost, but I was with my wife and daughter.  What could have been better!
  • I had lunch with the new pastor of Revolution Church, Jason Gerdes.
  • I had an incredible coaching session with our church planting network and my church planting partner Shawn Lovejoy on Nurturing Vitality.
  • I hung out with one of my best friends on Friday Casey Graham of The Change Group.  We celebrated his book release, Funded and Free.
  • I got to plan a Compassion Party where we are going to partner with Compassion International.  I’m believing God for the sponsorship of 2000 children.
  • I hung out with Bret Harrison of Experience Missions International.  I love this guy.
  • We celebrated my birthday with about 30 people at my favoriteCuban Restaurant.
  • My friend Jim Shepherd of Generis surprised me.  He left me a special gift at the restaurant.
  • I spoke to my son who is getting out of the Army at midnight Monday.  I am so proud of him.  He spent 25 months in Afghanistan over the past four years.  Welcome home my son.  Excuse me while I shout!

I don’t deserve any of this, but God is so good.  He is a life giving God.  Reflecting back on my birthday week is a reminder that I have experienced a lifetime in the past week.


One response to “I Am a Man Most Blessed!

  1. Happy belated birthday David! I appreciate you and your family, more than you know. So grateful that the Lord has kept Dave safe over the last four years! Blessings!

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