I Had A Dream

Today is my wife’s Birthday.  This poem is my gift to her.  Her life is her gift to me.

I had a dream as a little boy.

In my dream I met a girl.

With this girl I fell in love.

With this love we built a life.

In my dream I had a home.

In this home were some kids.

I had a dream as a little boy.

It was such an odd dream for such a little boy.

Perhaps it was born out of the pain I live at the time.

Or, this dream a kind of reflection of hope that God gives little boys and girls alike.

Regardless I had this dream as a little boy and it was all my heart longed for.

This dream kept me going as a little boy when all that was around me lost momentum.

I had a dream as a little boy.

Last night I woke suddenly from that dream.

I woke up in a familiar place.

The music was loud and the crowd full of life just the way you like.

Across from us were our children Dave, Biddy, Amanda, and our soon to be grandson.

To the left was a mentor and friend, a little older and wiser who had helped us navigate through last ten years.

Directly to the right was a new friend, one that I think is going to fit nicely into our dream.

A table set for twenty, full of precious lives.

A celebration fit for my queen.

“The Putman’s are in the house.”

How do we become such friends with a Cuban family in another part of our city?

In came two strangers, and a dance taken right off the pages of Dancing with the Stars.

You loved them well.

New friends I’m sure.

I had a dream as a little boy.

This dream hasn’t been without moments of darkness and pain.

There have been times when I lost my way.

But you are always there to ever so gently show me the way.

Together, we have survived terrible accidents, deployments, bombings, and deep pain that came with loss.

There was a time when I lost my way to the pursuit of recognition and fame in the kingdom’s name.

A dream misspent.

Energy wasted.

Pain inflicted.

You were there at the end of my race to hold me gently in your arms.

You still are.

You held my dream together.

You held our family together.

I had a dream as a little boy.

I had a dream as a little boy and you were in it.

I love you and am grateful to God that you have always been and forever will be the girl of my dreams.

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful woman in the world!


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