Ten years ago Shawn Lovejoy and David Putman met while Shawn was praying for God to lead him to a place to plant a church that would change the way people thought about church and ultimately change the way people think about Christ.  At the same time David was praying for God to lead him to a church planter who would plant a church in his community to change the way people thought about church and change the way peoplethought about Christ.

These prayers resulted in a partnership that neither one of them could imagine.  Mountain Lake Church (MLC) was planted in the community David lived in just North of Atlanta and a friendship was forged between David and Shawn.  Monthly conversation turned into an invitation for David to join the young Mountain Lake Church that exploded under church planter Shawn Lovejoy’s leadership.  Year three David left his position in a large mission organization where his responsibility was to set strategic direction for church planting in North America and coaching young church planters to join the Mountain Lake Team.

David’s background and experience with church planters and Shawn’s passion for leaders and church planting lead to the birth of was founded in 2006 and has quickly grown to one of the largest church planting organization in North America. exists to give church planters and church planting leaders permission to do what it takes to reach people who are disconnected from Christ and the church.

One of the things that make unique is that it is local church based.  The coaching, networking, and partnering that comes from flows out of and through the local church.  As God continues to expand the vision of Mountain Lake, He continues to expand the vision of

As we want to multiply God’s vision for global impact to hundreds and even thousands of young churches all over North America and to equip them through our Church Planting Best Practices to accomplish the vision God has given His Church.

Our Approach

  • The Conference – each year we host our an annual church planting conference the third week of February that consists of some of the greatest church planting leaders in the Nation.  Our 2010 Velocity Conference plays host to leaders like Rick Warren, Dave Gibbons, Larry Osborne, Ed Young, Pete Wilson, Tony Morgan, Steven Furtick, Darrin Patrick, etc.
  • One-day Best Practices Workshops – Each year we host several workshops that are designed for the ministry teams of church plants and new churches.  These one-day workshops are designed to give new churches a head start developing leadership and ministry impact.
  • Coaching Networks – offers a variety of coaching networks featuring David Putman and Shawn Lovejoy.  These include on-site Coaching Networks hosted at Mountain Lake Church, Tele-coaching Networks where all you have to do is dial-in, and Video On Demand Coaching Networks.
  • Resources – offers a variety of sermons, podcast, conferences sessions, and other video and audio resources through their new channel.  These resources are free and are launching March 1, 2010.

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