Religious Detox Video Journal

Welcome to my Religious Detox Video Journal.  On this page you will find a variety of video entries designed to encourage you along the way.  Each of these video journals are recorded on my IPod and usually unrehearsed or planned.  They are intended to be a little rough around the edges and free of the religious pretense often find in slick media.  Overtime I will populate this site with a video journal entries to go along with each chapter.  Use this as your companion to the book, Detox for the overly religious.

Detox Just Arrived – Introduction

Message on Detox – A Whole New Way!


One response to “Religious Detox Video Journal

  1. willhendersonlive

    Hey David – Great stuff, congratulations on the arrival of DETOX!
    I’m so excited to go through this book with our team here in Australia. It was a privilege to personally walk with you for a year as you wrote this book. I learnt and grew a lot during that time in my relationship with Jesus. I personally believe this resource is going to impact many, many for the Kingdom of God.

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