What People are Saying about Breaking the Missional Code

“What an extremely exciting book this is! It feels like a missionary training manual to read as we are preparing for an overseas adventure. However, this time the world is not across the ocean, but right here where we live. Books like this give me hope for the future church—may we take what is written within these pages seriously.”
Dan Kimball
Pastor, Vintage Faith Church
Author, The Emerging Church

“Once in a great while, a book comes along that (at least from some good vantage point) gives us a way to see the essence of something, and shows us essentially what we must do. Addressing the stagnation of traditional parish Christianity, this book does this, and it tells us why, and shows us how.”
George G. Hunter III
Distinguished Professor of Evangelization
School of World Mission and Evangelization
Asbury Theological Seminary
“Dr. Ed Stetzer is a godly brother, dear friend, and the best missional thinker in North America. He and David Putman have given us a book that is desperately needed and essential reading for anyone desiring cultural transformation by Jesus through the church.”
Mark Driscoll
Pastor, Mars Hill Church, Seattle
President, Acts 29 Church Planting Network
“Full of soul and missionary vision, Breaking the Missional Code will be a great handbook for the Christian Movement at the dawn of the 21st century. While grounded in the best thinking in terms of theory, it offers the best practice in terms of application. My bet is that it is going to prove indispensable for people and churches wanting to move towards adopting a genuinely missional stance in the West. I heartily recommend it.“
Alan Hirsch
Director of Forge Mission Training Network
Author, The Forgotten Ways: Reactivating the Missional Church

“Ed Stetzer and David Putman have simply outdone themselves with this book. I read this book with enthusiasm from page one to the very last page. It is intertwined with principles that are real-time and taking place. We will recommend that all of our church planters and glocal pastors devour this book.”
Bob Roberts
Senior Pastor NorthWood Church,
Author, Transformation

“This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to lead or participate in the transition from the program-driven model to a missional expression. Nobody gets it better than Ed. Now, because of his and David Putman’s spot-on analysis and well-crafted suggestions, you can get it too! Breaking the Missional Code enables you to move past bewilderment so you can join the missional movement.”
Reggie McNeal
Author, The Present Future

“Embrace the Jesus Call. Break the Missional Code for your community. Join God’s Kingdom Expansion where God has planted you. Breaking the Missional Code will start you on that journey. Don’t delay. The harvest is waiting.”
Dave Travis
Executive Vice President, Leadership Network
“Ed Stetzer and David Putman challenge churches to look beyond prepackaged programs and marketing approaches to evangelization. The one-size-fits-all approach no longer works—if ever it did. Instead, they insist that we must think like missionaries in our own context. We must learn to observe and interpret our culture. They provide an antidote to the good news of Jesus Christ being rejected not because it is considered false but because it is deemed irrelevant. Here are valuable insights to help churches communicate the world’s most vital message with clarity and power as a voice within the culture.”
Eddie Gibbs
Author, ChurchNext and Emerging Churches

Breaking the Missional Code is an important ground breaking book. It is the first book that discerningly applies international mission principles to North American contexts. It is a must read for any church serious about the Great Commission in North America and around the world.”
Elmer Towns
Dean, Liberty University
“To remain biblically faithful and culturally relevant is a challenging mix. Breaking the Missional Code will help you navigate these uncharted waters and help your church connect with the vast number of people who are disconnected from God. This is a book your entire staff team needs to read and process together.”
Bob Reccord
President, North American Mission Board


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