Coaching and Consulting

What I do

Coach Lead Pastor’s through strategic growth issues

How I do it

Ongoing relationship with Lead Pastor of growing churches

On-site visit once a month (two weekends and 4 weekdays)

Unlimited access by phone and e-mail

Provide access to other ministry leaders and organization when needed

Provide ministry and life coaching, and organizational consulting

Areas of focus

  • Spiritual Initiatives – focusing your ministry for greater kingdom impact.  Helping you achieve the dream you have in your heart.
  • Multiple Services and Expansion of Space Issues – assisting fast growing ministries on what’s next when it comes to space and people.
  • Raising Capital – increasing your bottom line by assisting you in developing a culture of generosity.
  • Time and Calendar – Maximizing your ministry and personal calendars.
  • Leadership and Structure – Developing a staffing plan for taking your church into the future.
  • Decision Making and Communication – Developing decision-making structures that speed up your organization.
  • Team Culture – Creating a culture where your team can thrive.
  • Vision and Mission Clarity – Connecting the dots of vision, mission, values, systems, processes, and programming.
  • Preaching and Teaching – Becoming a better communicator.
  • Weekend Experience – Leveraging your weekend experience.
  • Personal Growth and Leadership Development – Becoming a better leader.
  • Local and Global Impact – Developing an Acts 1:8 strategy and impact.
  • Discipleship – Developing an understanding and structure of how to develop passionate followers of Christ.
  • Systems and Processes – Close the backdoor. 

For more information let me know how I can serve you. To leave a message go to contact page.


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